Forgery or conspiracy? Memorandum 46

Here's an article I co-wrote that will appear in the Sunday Outlook section of the Washington Post. We'll be updating this page over the coming days. So check back for updates.

Memorandum 46 timeline, as compiled by us.
Audio from our last show on XM 169 before we got fired. That audio is divided into segments, this one is one large MP3.

Who says Memorandum46 is true?
Former rep. Cynthia McKinney presents Memo 46 to the United Nations and defends it in a speech.
Joe Madison presents Memo 46 at the annual Congressional Black Caucus gathering.
Former D.C. delegate Walter Fauntroy, on the Joe Madison show on XM 169 (audio available, upon request) and on Michael Fauntroy's site
Boyd Graves (see Exhibit 10 of his lawsuit against the government)
The Final Call, with Brzezinski's name misspelled.
Len Horowitz
Millions for Reparations
Various discussion forums or discussants, such as: Greekchat, Jahness,

Who says Memorandum 46 is a forgery?
Brzezinski, former national security advisor to former president Jimmy Carter and the alleged author, in an e-mail to us.
Eliot Morgan
The Carter administration.
Paul Lee, consultant to the Malcolm X movie, in a 2002 Michigan Chronicle piece
Cliff Kincaid

Who is suspicious that Memorandum 46 is a forgery

Casey Lartigue

* * *

To contact us:
Casey Lartigue's e-mail
Eliot Morgan's e-mail

Also, on the Washington Post site: Excerpts from The May 19 edition of the Casey Lartigue Show. The topic was Malcolm X.

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Jameson Penn / djconnor said...

Fascinating read. I am ashamed to say I was not aware of what happened to your show on "The Power" until I happened upon this post. This is a setback, no matter how you slice it.

Sounds like you were hired by XM to falsely advertise its willingness to consider diverse thoughts that question the status quo.

As you rightly point out, Opie & Anthony are free to exercise their, um, different viewpoints, so long as the ratings they pull in can justify them.

It's tough to say how much can be inferred from this episode- but I'm content to settle for (at least) this: Mouthpieces of the black community are not ready for their wakeup call.

If you step back from this, this is all very ironic. Memorandum 46, if believed, is a conspiracy to contain individual thought. Isn't that exactly what your silence has brought about?

I hope the article in the Post alerts many others to what is going on. This is a general dilemma facing all of America, transcending the matter of race:

The Individual is under attack by group think and bullyism. I wish you the best of luck in your struggle to wake up a community of victims bearing self-inflicted wounds.

Anonymous said...

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